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Interventions aimed at the whole or partial restoration of exotic wood veneers are carried out on our premises. We have a large warehouse of prized woods for restoration purposes, including palisander, rosewood, violet wood, paduk wood, various mahoganies, ebony and many other exotic and national essences. This allows us to perform highly accurate restoration work on veneered furniture items such as late Genova Baroque with its characteristic four-leaved clover, Maggiolini, Boulle, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Napoleonic, Charles X, Dutch and furniture of other periods too.

In addition, we carry out the painstaking restoration of inlay work in other prized materials such as ivory, horn, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell, silver, brass, copper. Special attention is paid to the restoration of unusual coatings like sheepskin (with regard to 20th century items) and the full restoration of animal skins for writing desk tops and games tables, as we also possess antique patina skins.
Esempi di Servizi

Polishing and antique patina
French polishing is carried out using a button and various types of shellac based on an original formula, or polishing with our exclusively produced beeswax. Restoration of antique patinas thanks to craftsmen's formulas handed down through the generations.

Wood turning and sculptural restoration
Wood turning interventions are carried out on our premises, on antique woods. Conservative restoration work on antique wooden sculptures.

Restoration of 20th century furniture items
Wood restoration of pieces by Gallè, Bugatti, Majorelle and other cabinet-makers of the 20th century.

Definitive elimination of woodworm
Interventions are carried out with lethal gas on wooden items infested with woodworm.

Coatings and linings
We can restore the internal linings of wardrobes, bookcases, tallboys and chests-of-drawers using precious papers or fabrics.

Antique wood panelling
Restoration of antique doors, wood panelling and wooden floors on your premises.